Black-Sayayins in Frozen Crown


Black-Sayayins Web Site

This is a page dedicate to Black-Sayayins Family of Nostale UK.

Our history start in October 2007 when Rizzle, Jaden and JoFabian decided to make Black_Sayayins.
Now Black-Sayayins has raised from the ashes with JoFabian, dodge and redchick as leaders.
We have 9 years old and the story has no end… do you wanna join us?

Family Members

What we’ll be without our appreciated members? Nothing. That is why we want to thank all our members for trust in us. Thank you very much to everyone in this list:

# Name Class Title Level
Total Of Members: 6
Members Where in Sayayin's: 649
1 JoFabian Archer Head 96
2 redchick Mage Deputy 99
3 dodge Swordsman Deputy 99
4 maffie Mage Member 94
5 Orange-Bud Archer Member 92
6 WILD-(KEEPER) Archer Member 80

Our history

Check Black-Sayayins Family page to know more about our history.

How to contact us?

Please use the form Contact Us for it, thank you! 😀

Do you wanna let a message for us in this Web Site?

Please use Messages page for write a message for us (or for check the messages that people or family members wrote).

Do you wanna join us?

If you wanna join this great fam, let us know, and we’ll consider your application. We’re all kinda casual players, that wanna have fun. We recruit level 90+ only! We do LOD once a while, same goes for raids. Maybe not the strongest, biggest, most fanatic, and probably not even the biggest potters, but we really love this fam because all people in it are becoming friends! For now we’re devils, but we love the game more than any side. So if balance is changing badly, we might change to!