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About Family LOD

This is what you have to know about LOD when you are in our family.

First of all, no one is obligate to do LOD. If you wanna do LOD one day (or everyday) we advice that you try to have a team that wanna do LOD with you.

Most of our members doesn’t need to do LOD. Sometimes when family is in mood to do  LOD we do one.

If you and more members in family wanna do any LOD, you are free to do it. In that case you can ask to Head, Deputies or Keepers some FOS for members.

LOD (Land of Death) !!!

It is a family-only place, this means that you can’t enter LOD if u are not a member of a family.

This place ensures nearly everyday meeting between family members and allow everyone to know his family members more and help each others to survive as much as possible to get as high exp as it can be !

LOD Point System:

Following the next link all fam members can see when will be the next time that will get a Rare Drop in LOD:

LoD Point System [OBSOLETE 2013]

Few things u need to know (some LOD tactics):

  • The most Resistance required in LOD is Dark Resistance since the most mobs that we kill are Reborn Devils lvl75 (Dark Attribute) so 80%+ Resistance is a must (unless you wanna keep dying =P) and 100%+ is preferred, we will make sure that you get Holy Weapon Buff all the time so you have 50% extra dark resist and maybe some sader buffs too.
  • It is better also to have 80%+ Fire Resistance but this is not as critical as dark resistance, because sometimes we need to kill some Fire Drakes (lvl80 monsters) and they are really hard and will most probably kill any player lvl65 and below in 1 hit if they don’t use Fire Resist.
    Dark Horn (DH) is also fire attribute and in case he attacks you, you will probably die 1-2 hits maximum if you don’t use fire resist too.
  • You may also need some water resist, but in very rare situations to combat against Death Lander (lvl80 Monster Water Attribute).
  • At the beginning of LOD, all fam members should gather, highest level mage should holy buff all and then one high level (preferred swordsman) start to mob and all family members wait for him in one place and when he comes all fam attack his mob and then loots are shared according to fam rules ! And mages please dont forget heal all the time, and keep alive the person that lure.
  • If someone died, he can rejoin lod as many times as he want (this is in case family was near entry) until DH comes !!!!

What is DH (Dark Horn) ?

It is the most powerfull Monster in the whole game as I know and no one killed it yet and I don’t think it is possible to do it.

At 139:58 timer, DH chase begins all fam members must run from DH so they survive more in LOD because after DH disappear for the first time you can NOT enter LOD and in case you died after first DH disappears for first time you have to use FOS (Fountain Of Savior) or wait untill next LOD to join =P !!!

DH will come then each 4 timers so 2nd DH will be at 135:58 and so on !!

How To Avoid DH ?

As mentioned before, DH is fire so you need a suitable 80%+ Fire Resist to handle more than one attack from him but DH may not touch you the whole LOD because each day DH will hunt someone if u are unlucky it will be YOU !!!
Before DH time to appear, mobbing will stop and all fam members prepare themselves (Change from Dark Resist to Fire Resist) and use Buffs that decreases damage (Mana Shield for Holy Mages) and/or increases HP (Sader buffs and Bear Spirit for WK). Then when DH appears all fam members should run to a safe area that they decided and agreed on before and wait till DH disappears.
If someone died at first DH, there is no need to waste a FOS since he/she can enter back to LOD but make sure you do that before DH disappears.
After that the hunted member should prepare himself each time better than the others and prepare to spam some pots sometimes while running and if u have low fire resist maybe a fam member will be kind enough to lend you some resist but DON’T count on it try to get urs !!
This situation is carried on until LOD is ended at 80 timer.

I hope this will help u and make your LOD in our fam more comfortable

PS: DH is Hungry for U ! MuaHaHaa

by Phantom101 – July 17, 2008

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