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The application named “LOD Point System” was created by Jori, and this system allow us to share rare items dropped in LOD in accordance with the participation of each member in our Family LODs.

Quick access: LOD Point System for Leaders | LOD Point System for Family Members

A bit of history

The Family Sayayins has been since very long time in Nostale UK. We started like a couple of low levels friends that liked to help each other doing main quests, sub-quests, mobbing, hunting for items, etc. All this stuff was made in parties of 3 persons, where each party member usually had a turn getting rare drops.

We knew what LOD was when our family was around level 60. Our firsts LODs were focused in kill Reborns one by one, and it’s funny remember those times now :-D. We were like 10+ members in LOD trying to kill just 1 Reborn, of course that when DH showed up… we all died. In those days didn’t exists Light Cards and Specialist Points for use Cards was scarce.

Family keept growing up and getting stronger, we started to kill more Reborns and rare items started to drop. The firsts item that we considered rare were: Special Point Charger, Instant Recharge Card for SP, Cellons level 6 and FOS. In that moment leaders decided they will get all FOS and they will share them when any member need it. But leaders had to thought what to do with the others rare items.

Our first approach to a “system” for share points was the “Paper List for Rare Items”. Usually our leaders in LOD have differents task to do: one get in charge to lure the oppropiate quantity of mobs for the amount of members LODing (lurer), one get in charge to gather the members or make them move to an specific place (leader), and one get in charge of make the list for share rare items.

The “Paper List For Rare Items” was a list made for the person in charge in a piece of paper in his home. This kind of system had to be made for a person that knew the process that implied manage the list. Some task of this process were the following:

  • The initial order in the list was taken from the order that people entrance to LOD. So the first person in the list was the first person that entered to LOD.
  • When a rare item was drop then that item goes for the first member of the list without “a mark”, and that member got “a mark”.
  • When all members in the list got “a mark”, then the leader started to put a “second mark”, and so on.
  • If a member left LOD, then that member was strikethrough in the list.
  • When LOD ended that list usually ended in the trash.

It was a simple system that worked for a decent time, but we started to see that always the same members was entering first to LOD. Why? It was also simple to notice that firsts members in the list always get an item or eventually two items, while the lasts members in the list usually didn’t get any item. Another problem with the paper list it was that some items in LOD was more rare than others but the list didn’t made the same difference, in those days you was very lucky if you got a SPC and you was very unlucky if you got an Instant Recharge Card for SP in your turn. For getting worse we started to hunt Drakes and them started to drop resistance, so you was extremely very lucky if you got a Boot or Glove in your turn.

All this things was seen by Jori, cypry, Phantom101, and me (JoFabian) but was hard to think in a solution that could fit easily with our “Paper List For Rare Items”. Jori had those days a calculator for something (sorry I don’t remember what calculated that application) and to be honest I didn’t knew Jori too well but I was impress by his calculator because in my blood I have an programmer. Jori came one day saying that he’ll make an application that solve our problems, and I encourage him to do it. And after a few day we got the first version of the “LOD Point System”.

Our Great LOD Point System

Jori did a great job with the first version of the LOD Point System. JoFabian did some improve to the visual appearance and I added some functionality.

The main goal of the LOD Point System is to allow us to make a fair share of the rare items dropped in LOD.

With the LOD Point System, no matter if you come often or rarely to LOD, you’ll eventually get a good and rare item and this fact doesn’t depend of how luck you are anymore.

Now is all about points. The list follow this simple rules:

  • Each time that you enter to LOD you get 2 additional points on each rare item.
  • If a rare item drop then the person that have more points get that item and his points reset to 0 (zero) only on that specific item. This mean that your points in the others items remain the same.
  • Your will not lose your points at the end of LOD. You only lose points if you get a penalty, or when you get a rare item.
  • You lose 2 points if you came for less than 10 minutes to LOD. Since you got 2 points when you entered then this mean that you get 0 (zero) points that LOD. This is know as the penalty of the 10 minutes.
  • You lose 1 point if you stay less than 30 minutes in LOD. This is know as the penalty of the 30 minutes.

The LOD Point System has more functionality like: add new members to the list, dismiss members, re-add members, end LOD and prepare list for next LOD. This system only can be managed for few people in the family and those who can are very trustable.

Another thing is that you lose all your points when you leave the family.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about LOD Point System.

What if two or more persons has the same amount of points to get the next item?

This rarely occur, but the system know who between those persons got the item more long time ago than the others and the system will put first that person. So the system in this case give priority to the person that waited more for that item.

Can I see my points?

If you had been in LOD in the last 2 weeks, yes you can. You can check your points here.

What items are managed in LPS?

We manage the following items:

  • X Mask: Include only the X-Mask item.
  • Light Resistance: Include Glove and Boots of Light Resistance.
  • Fire Resistance: Include Glove and Boots of Fire Resistance.
  • Water Resistance: Include Glove and Boots of Water Resistance.
  • Dark Resistance: Include Glove and Boots of Dark Resistance.


If you have more questions please let a comment with it, thank you very much.

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