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Facebook Group for Family members

We have a facebook group for family members that we encourage to all members to join. Here you have a link to it:

In first instance this group will be a place for share stuff with others members, but please do not SPAM there.

We also will like to use this group for share events that be happening in game, like FC Raids and Family IC.

But we don’t wanna mess up this group, so try to follow these normatives:

  • Do not SPAM. Do not create several posts asking or saying the same. Most of our members are casual players so you’ll need to be patient to get a reply.
  • Do not use this group to sell your items.
  • Be informative when you share an event. For example don’t say “FC Raid”, say instead “Dark Raid for Devils on FC – Timer 44 – We are doing it”
  • Be polite. If you insult to someone, no matter your excuse, you’ll be kicked out of this group and from our families.
  • Do not create a post to answer another post. Use the comments for answer a post.

Once again when you share an event please be informative. More information you give, it is more probable that more people join.

For example, if there is a raid in FC and you’ll like to share that event with this group then you should say something like this:

“Guys, Fire Raid for Devils on FC – Timer 45 – So far 3 ppl doing it”

Think that we have 2 families, one is devil and one is angel. Also that whoever see this will need at least 10 minutes to log in and reach FC, so if timer is under 40 then doesn’t worth a post. Also if it is a Water Raid or a Raid that we are not doing it and you call people and then people log in and they see that we are not doing it… they will start to hate you.

That is all. We are waiting for you in our Facebook Group =)

4 thoughts on “Facebook Group for Family members

    • Yes, I remember Cadli/Drunk. He doesn’t play anymore. I guess you keep in contact with him.
      I don’t remember you very well, but I think I can make an exception and add you again, cuz to be honest this fam actually is lvl 90+. I’ll tell to leaders that add you if you request it, they are: redchick, Zaanify and -Little*Fire and me (JoFabian). If they say that I told them nothing, then ask them to check our facebook group it will be post it there. Cya.

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