Black-Sayayins in Frozen Crown

Black-Sayayins Family

Head: JoFabian (Archer level 94)
Deputies: dodge (Swordsman level 99) and redchick (Mage level 99)
Requirement level to be recruited: 90 or more

Our History

JoFabian and Rizzle Feb 2008Our history start around October 2007 when Rizzle (Head), Jaden (Deputy) and JoFabian (Deputy) decided to start a family named Black_Sayayins. I don’t remember why we decided to make it but I believe it was for keep in contact with some friends in game. At that time we were all low level under level 40 I believe even lower. Sadly I have no pictures of that time. We spend our time leveling and helping family members with main quests, sub-quests, mobbing, hunting for items, etc. We didn’t knew what LOD was but we didn’t need it since the good company was enough.
The “Black” part in our name was Jaden‘s idea and “Sayayins” part was JoFabian‘s idea. I’ll never know why Jaden choose “Black” but “Sayayins” is for an anime called Dragon Ball Z. Some people say that “Sayayins” isn’t write correctly but were JoFabian lives it is well writed.

I remember that cypry joined us when he was around level 30 with his son. Soon he became an important member of our family being one of few people that had the Head title. cypry (also knowed as dodge) and his wife redchick are two of the tree people responsible for making last 7 years this family (until 2014) and going on. His family was also the first real family we had in our Nostale family, we had some others families, couples, cousins, etc that joined us later.

Around level 65 we found out what Land of Death was. To this land, also knew as LOD, only people in the same family can enter. It last 2 hours and in the last part the experience obtained is double. See more on Abour LOD and LOD Point System. Our firsts LODs were focused in kill Reborns one by one, and it’s funny remember those times now 😀 . We were like 10+ members in LOD trying to kill just 1 Reborn, of course that when DH showed up… we all died. In those days didn’t exists Light Cards and Specialist Points for use Cards was scarce.

In those days Jori joined to us. He also was one that had the Head title. Like every leader in our family he was kind and trustable but also he collaborate to create what we used to call LOD Point System. You can see more information about this system in its page, I only wanna say that Jori did a great job with the first version of it and JoFabian added some functionality. Jori is also responsible for the host of this website and we are grateful for this space on internet.

I don’t wanna forget to mention Phantom101. Another of our leaders kind, collaborative and trustable. I remember also that he joined with his friends and their names were all ending with 101.

Was March 2009 when Jori (Head), cypry (Deputy) and JoFabian (Deputy) decided to remake our family and call it Sayayins-3G. Until that moment our name fluctuate between Black_Sayayins (original) and Black-Sayayins, but in that date we had some issues and we decided to change it. Sayayins-3G stands for Sayayins Third Generation.

Our fourth generation started at January 28, 2011, our family had been absent for a few months and Jori (Head) and JoFabian (Deputy) remade Black-Sayayins.

Our last generation, the fifth, started at December 2013. This time JoFabian (Head), dodge (Deputy) and redchick (Deputy) as leaders of the family. As you can see JoFabian has been always in the family as Deputy until this generation and he is the only founder that still play this game. JoFabian is responsible for keep updated this site, fix bugs in our systems (LOD Point System and Black-Sayayins members management webapp) and maintain this family alive for the eternity. =)

On August 24, 2014 our family was reaching often the limit of 100 members and for this reason JoFabian, dodge, redchick and Zaanify (Keeper) had a meeting and discussed about the idea of make a new family called just Sayayins. So our noob family has born with babegirl (redchick‘s noob as Head), dodgey1 (dodge‘s noob as Deputy) and thanhie (Zaanify’s noob as Deputy).

And that is our story… so far.

I’ll like to write more about some people I’m missing here, but that will be done another day.

5 thoughts on “Black-Sayayins Family

  1. Aww

    I had a tear in my eye when ive readed about old LoD
    “We were like 10+ members in LOD trying to kill just 1 Reborn, of course that when DH showed up… we all died.”
    I remember that hehe.

    And Jo do You remember how we met? 😀 I found You on very old Private Shop Area (PSA), and i asked You if i can join fam. Dont remember what lvl exact i was but u were very nice for me, well all fam mates were nice and still are.

    I left Sayayins like 2 times, and that was my worst decision i guess, but good point in it im back and won’t leave it again cuz i have good old friend in here with which i can talk about everything.

    Hope Black -Sayayins will stay till NosTale end (hope this end will never happen).


  2. Sorry, Max. It has been 7+ years and I don’t remember everything =P

    Because my bad memory this page is incomplete, I would take sometime in a future to complete it. I’ll also like ask to some members if they have some anecdote that will like to share with us.

    I remember u in LOD, when I used to LOD for exp long time ago, and you was one of the guys with the best damage in LOD =P

    Thanks for share ur experience in this fam.

  3. Hehe i always tryed to do best dmg, remember when i wanted to make record as sin with hitting reb, did 64k dmg that time and it was with 85lvl eq 😀 Now 64k dmg is kinda nothing.
    I was FoS keeper for long, LoD point system we made was well made.

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