Black-Sayayins in Frozen Crown

Angels or Devils

Hello family members,

The heads of Black-Sayayins (dodge, redchick and JoFabian) has been talking with others families that are actually angels because we has been denied many times last weeks to get raids in FC.

The problem is that there are a lot of people in devils side and there are few families that fight in the angels side.

Like I said we has been talked with some families and we will see what happend the next month (August/2012).

If no devil family become angel, then saddly we will have to become devil.

We know that maybe 2 angels families will become devils… so next month will be worst for angels.

We will wait and see what happend in the firsts days of August. We really hope that angels side get some backups, but if we dont then we will become devil.

We like fair fights but last weeks this is not what is happening in FC.

Thank you for read.

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