Black-Sayayins in Frozen Crown


This are the rules that have to follow all the members of this family.

General Rules

Ok, here are the general rules for this family:

  • You must follow the rules of nostale.
  • You must be able to understand and speak English.
  • Whenever possibly help each other, thoughs with more experience will be in high demand.
  • No racist comment EVER, no excuse.
  • If you do PvP and/or go into Arena then do not gank, this give the family a bad name and is unacceptable. Leave PvP arguments in the PvP zone, please.
  • Do not talk bad about other families, all families have good and bad points including this one.

Land Of Death Rules

  • One person (usually head, deputy or keeper also can be an normal member) will organize LOD, we call this person LOD-leader. He’ll give all instructions that you must follow if you are not agree with him then you can leave LOD and talk about it to Head or Deputies.
  • Resistances drops are reserved for the lurer. You can take FOS if you are getting low on it, otherwise the leader will take them. In case you need some FOS you also can ask to leader, if he can he will share some with you.
  • All items are free to take (with exception of Resistances and FOS). Please don’t abuse trying to get all items before others, if you took some items try to give 5 minutes to others, some people is focused in attack and need some time to have a chance to loot something.
  • All members in LOD must be active and not AFK. We don’t like people that “leech” experience from others.
  • You can NOT sell FOS! Save them because you will need them in LOD. Selling them will result in a immediate kick from family.
  • If you will do LOD then come 15 minutes before DH to give us time to organize.
  • All must bring pots, pet dolls and snacks. If you can not afford pet dolls, then you must bring Seeds of Power for keep alive your pets.
  • No Holy Mage is obligate to focus heal in one member. We ask they do group heal time to time so if you (no Holy Mage) wanna be healed then stay near a Holy. We ask also to Holy Mages that heal a bit to lurers.
  • This family IS NOT for help you to level up fast. We hope all have a good time in LOD, and get FAIR EXPERIENCE. The primary objective of this family is SHARE and HELP. So if you just like leveling up and always having “good” parties, this is not the family for you.

Frozen Crown Rules

  • You must have enough points (10K or more) to join any raid before Boss Room get open. If you lack of points at that moment then family can start raid without waiting for you.
  • There is forbidden to kill low level chars (usually called “nubs”) that are being used to farm points, doesn’t matter if they are Angels or Devils.
  • Boxes or Loot: Those players that bring more than 1 (one) char to do any FC Raid can not loot items in boss room. Ergo if you wanna loot bring just 1 char, otherwise be happy with your boxes.

Family Chat Rules

Our family chat is free for chat with all the family members, but please follow this rules:

  • You can not use bad words or insult other people in the family chat.
  • Use English language only.
  • When family chat it’s busy (during LOD) don’t spam.
  • Use party chat for party info.
  • Use general chat on FC/LOD. All on the same map can read that.
  • Use whisper for private chats.

Final words

These Rules are here to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience in our family, please abide by them. The head and deputies find this a rewarding thing to do for the family when everyone abides by the rules.

Persistant offending of one or more rules will result in getting kicked from the family.

Family head, deputies and keepers have the ability to KICK any family member if he/she is not following rules or do not fit in family. If you think that you got kicked for no good reason, please contact fam-head.

Even if you got kicked, we might give you a 2nd chance.

Thank you for reading and abiding by these simple but effective rules

by cypry
edited by JoFabian and Jori

Last edited by JoFabian on Feb 2, 2015.

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    • It’s seems that I don’t play at your time. I only can go to FC at weekend, sorry. But when you be online and you see a war in FC, call for fam members… I’m sure that someone will join you ^^

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