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Sayayins Family

Nowdays (August 24, 2014) Black-Sayayins family is reaching often the limit of 100 members and the main reason is the amount of alternatives characters that our members have. Because this reason JoFabian, dodge, redchick and Zaanify had a meeting and discussed about the idea of make a new family called just Sayayins.

This article will try to explain what is the objective of that new family.

What Sayayins is for?

Sayayins will be made to join the alternatives characters of our members. Any member with a main character in Black-Sayayins can decide (or not) to join its members to it.

Sayayins will be lead by redchick, dodge and Zaanify’s noobs. Only one keeper will exists in this family and that will be a JoFabian’s noob.

Our plan is that Sayayins be a place for raise our noobs doing LOD. Also this family will be at Angel side in FC allowing people to do FC/SP7 Raids in both sides.

Having this new family will allow us to join more people (preferable strong people) to our main family.

What requirements has Sayayins?

In order to join your alternatives character to Sayayins family, you have to have one main character in Black-Sayayins. This also mean that if you get kicked out then your main and alternatives characters will be out of Sayayins and Black-Sayayins.

Every Rule made for Black-Sayayins apply to Sayayins.

Who should join to Sayayins?

In first instance up to you if you wanna or not join your noobs to Sayayins. But if our leaders need any of your noobs join to the new family they will ask you giving to you the reasons.

Remember that we are trying to get more space in our main family in order to join strong people, so if we see that you has not a valid reason to keep your noob in Black-Sayayins we will suggest that you move it to our new family.


We sincerely hope you enjoy this new family as much as you enjoyed Black-Sayayins. Sayayins will be created thinking in our members so any suggestion, doubt, complaint will be welcome by Zaanify hahaha joke joke. You know that you always can communicate with any of our leaders.


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  1. Really nice JoFabian, I don’t mind take care of everything in the new noob fam. Anyway, Iam the one leader in the both fam there is online same time often, so Iam able to follow the chat I both fams same time =P

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